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relatedThe aim of this template is first and foremost to get people to know they are on a relevant site, and then help 'push' them somewhere else. However, because the aim of this template is to help get traffic from search engines, there also needs to be a decent amount of text on the page. In my opinion there should be at least 300 words, try and put in more than 400 words if possible.

If you have not read the readme that comes with these theme then I recommend you do so. It aims to help you change the colours of any features here, and also tells you how to change this text and more. Even if you are new to HTML it is fine and should be no problem. I've specifically designed this theme to be search engine friendly and help you with your online marketing efforts.

Additionally, in order for you to get the most out of this theme, I've included some recommendations on what you should put on certain sections of the site, including some examples. I hope that you like your first website and once again, congratulations for taking action and getting this site online!

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