Find Your Own Way to Connect to God


If you’ve seen my last blog, CONFESSION: I Have Spiritual Gifts and Abilities!!! you’ll know that I’m going through a strange transition in my life. I’ve become relatively hyper-spiritually sensitive, and I have an increased desire to spend more time by myself so I can connect with God and receive more of his wisdom, insights and revelations.

As a result, a new set of challenges have come up. One of them is setting aside “alone time” with no distractions so I can commune with God, and the other is actually learning how to get into the “zone” so that I can get into attunement with what God wants me to hear.

I’m coming to find out that as individuals, each of us are going to have our own unique ways of connecting to God.

Earlier on this year, a mentor of mine called me on the phone and asked me if I ever used my bathroom as a prayer sanctuary. Having been to his place on numerous occasions, I know what his place looks like and could see that because he lives in a small studio apartment, it would make sense as to why he would want to use his bathroom as a separate place for him to connect to God.

In any case, at the time, he felt that the Lord was calling him to go to the next level in his life so he felt this desire to create a “sanctuary” for himself within his apartment so he can be attuned with what God was trying to tell him and where He wished to guide him.

Funny, though I understood his need to have that alone time with God to connect to him, at the time I personally didn’t see any need to create a sanctuary for my own self because I didn’t yet feel that “call” from God to seek Him into going into a higher level.

Interestingly enough, fast forward 9-10 months later, my mentor has indeed gone to another level. A few weeks after he asked me about this sanctuary thing, he got the insight that it was time to leave New York for an indefinite period and go out West. This “urge” led him to sell most of his things and head to Arizona where he stayed for three months, had some life changing insights via life changing experiences, and right now he’s currently in California, around L.A., where he has told me opportunities have been opening up to him left and right.

On top of the opportunities, God has been placing on his spirit even more insights on the direction He wants him to take his life.

With all the strange things that recently started happening in my life, my mind often goes back to my mentor’s question about the “bathroom sanctuary” because it now has a greater significance in my head than it did when he first brought it up at the beginning of the year.

Upon asking my mentor more information about this sanctuary and what it meant to him, he shared with me that it was his own personal way of getting out of his own way to be able to connect to God and receive the wisdom, insights, revelations and guidance that he received. He also told me that it wasn’t something that he did every day, but rather when he felt “led” to do it.

Additionally, he told me that it was upon him doing this that his life started to change.

It was through this conversation that I learned that part of my current journey is to find my own unique way with which I can get out of my own way and connect with God, whether it be some ritual or routine. I find this as increasingly important because as of recent, when I have set aside alone time with God, I wind up doing things that lend more to me wasting time rather than being able to get out of my own way so I can get allow that spiritual connection to take place between me and God.

For my mentor it was his bathroom, for me it’s going to be something else, and for you, who may be on a similar journey, it’s going to be something different than the two of us.

As of now, what has worked has been saying a quick prayer, then clearing my mind, breathing deeply, and focusing my attention on being in my body. That often is able to get me out of my own way to enable me to hear from God. In the midst of this, I have my journal and pen where I steadily start to write down the insights and thoughts I receive.

What I am quite aware of is that whatever consistent way I find of connecting to God is just training wheels for growing spiritually to a point where I won’t ONLY need quiet time to connect to God, because I would be able to hear from him throughout the day when I’m doing my everyday things.

In any case, as we’re all unique individuals, we each have our own unique paths and our own unique relationships with God, as such, as we grow and evolve, we each are going to find our own unique way to connect to Him. I believe it’s a natural part of growing and learning more about who we are.

This is The Viable Alternative.

Hope this helps,

Ike Love

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