I’ve Failed to Honour Myself


Recently, I was working on a video blog about self-esteem in terms of ways in which you can acquire it. I wrote a blog about it about five years ago, but I wanted to expand about it from what I’ve learned about it over the years in the video.

I won’t go into too much detail about what I share in the video, but both the blog and the video talk about honouring yourself as a surefire way to raise one’s self esteem. Honouring yourself means to listen to your needs and aspirations, it also means to learn how to nurture yourself.

As I was contemplating what to say for this portion of the video, I took note of the fact that the best way to help people fully understand and relate with the subject matter you’re teaching is to share your own experiences with it and how it worked for you.

It was at this moment when I asked myself the question, “Have I been honouring myself?” I realized the answer was no, I haven’t been honouring myself either.

When I say honouring my SELF, I don’t mean the “ego self,” I actually meant my true core essence. What are my deeper essential needs? What has my core self been crying out for me to pay attention to that I haven’t been able to hear? What do I need to do that will fulfill the core of who I am?

After reflecting upon this, it dawned on me that I haven’t honoured myself in quite a long time. Instead, I’ve been managing and chasing the needs of my ego while neglecting ME.

So now I’ve started to take a step back, and quiet the mental noise by breathing fully and grounding myself so I can surrender to the inner promptings of my soul.

Probably one of the reasons I had problems attracting wealth was because I’ve been out of whack with my internal flow. In other words, since I’ve been disconnected from myself, I’ve not been able to listen to what gifts I truly want to share with the world that would give the world value and give value back to me in return.

This is what I should be focusing on instead of SOLELY the money.

I’ve not been listening to what life I truly would like to live on a day to day basis. How do I TRULY want to live? What would make me happy? Is what I’m doing right now making me happy, and if not, how can I change that?

I started to realize that me starting to make videos where I share me was a way I was listening to ME without even knowing it. I get fulfillment out of that.

As I write this, I also booked a trip to South Beach, Miami, FL about a few hours earlier. It’s been years since I’ve been on a vacation. Not since 2011 to be exact I peaced out to NYC for a whole month. Since Miami is one of my favourite places in this country, why not honour myself with a trip and give my SELF the chance to take a long needed break from all the hustle and bustle? Who knows what awaits me when I go there with my SELF. Maybe it’s just my SELF.

Funny, as I started to remove the distractions, I realized how much I like working with people using the unique person of who I am to interact with them and help them find a place to live in. I guess I am in the right profession. I just had to clear out all the “noise” and get in touch with MY “why.”

I openly accept the challenge of learning how to listen to and honour my SELF, and look forward to what is bound to materialize on the outside as a result of doing that.

This is The Viable Alternative.

Hope this helps,

Ike Love

  1. September 29, 2016 4:42 pm | #1

    This is a perfect example of how important reflection is, in my opinion. If you didn’t take time to reflect, then you would have probably gone on with your busy day-to-day schedule and never stopped to consider are you honoring yourself and following your gifts. Inspiring post my man, keep it up!

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