Stop Wasting Your Time Wanting and Start Having

The more I get , the More I WANT !!

Everybody has things in life that they want. They want to lose weight, they want to make more money on their jobs, they want to travel more, etc, etc.

I, being a part of that “everybody,” am no different. There were many things I wanted in life, and year in and year out I’d feel that sense of deprivation as I saw that I wasn’t getting these things. My excuse for not getting the things I wanted was due to circumstances “out of my control,” the main one being not having enough money.

However, late last year, I started to say to myself, “screw my circumstances,” I’m going to go after and get the things I’ve wanted “by hook or by crook,” come hell or highwater. I was tired of sitting in the realm of yearning and wanting. This time, I decided that I was going to HAVE.

And you know what? When I decided to do that and start taking action, things started to change. Doors that were hitherto closed to me started opening. Circumstances and events started to conspire together for me to get the things I previously said I “wanted.” I started to be at the “right” place at the “right” time. Also, I began to get new ideas to help bring the things I previously wanted into fruition.

All this made me realize how much precious time all of us waste in merely wanting things.

Sure wanting something can be a great first step in going to acquire something, but the problem is, that’s where MOST people stay, in the wanting phase. They never take it beyond that and wind up spending their entire lives never getting up to go after the things they want.

Oh…and BTW, when I say “things,” it goes beyond the material things to the things that are on our hearts.

The truly fulfilled happy people, the people who are participating full on in life, the people who are considered “great,” the movers and the shakers, the leaders, etc. are the ones who have moved from wanting to readjusting their minds to to making room for that thing they desire for their lives even if they don’t yet see the physical manifestation of that thing or they don’t even know what to do to go and get it.

Them seeing themselves as already having it sooner or later propels them to take the appropriate actions towards them bringing it into fruition in their lives, and circumstances, people and things conspire to make that thing a reality.

I believe that people who stay stuck in wanting do so because they either they either believe they’re unworthy of the thing they want, they don’t believe they can have it, or the thing they say they want isn’t really of that much importance to them.

My life really started to change starting this year when I was done with the mere wanting of things, and I declared that if these things were really truly important to me, they were going to be mine in one way or another. I then threw away any question of how it was going to happen, and even though most times I didn’t know what action to take, I surrendered to the process of attracting these things into my life by being open to being led in the direction I needed to go.

This allowed me to move from the perpetual feeling of disempowerment I felt to one of self-empowerment.

If you want your life to change for the better, stop wanting and start having!

This is The Viable Alternative.

Hope this helps,

Ike Love

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