Why is God Letting You “Suffer” for So Long?

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Many of us are going through an issue, an obstacle, or a trial that don’t seem to have any end in sight. Year in and year out, we’re confronted with the same issue over and over again and we can’t seem to overcome it, whether it’s an addiction, a health issue, or being able to remove blocks pertaining to our self confidence, finances, relationships, etc. When we reflect on this issue, we see that no matter how hard we fought, it always seems to have gotten the upper hand and it doesn’t look like we’ll ever be able to overcome it.

Moreover, our prayers to God seem to fall on death ears. We pray and pray and pray for some type of deliverance from this issue, but years later after dealing with the same issue, not only have our prayers NOT been answered, but also, it seems like God has been mostly silent. Sure he’s there to pick us up when we get knocked on our backsides, but where’s the help with conquering this thing so you can live the life that you want?

Moreover, other people seem to be getting their prayers answered and having breakthroughs in overcoming their obstacles, but we seem to be just stuck.

Why does this happen to us? What’s going on?

In my life, from the years 2000-2009, I was in a mental and spiritual hell. It was as if my mind and spirit were bound. I was constantly trapped in my head and I couldn’t interact with people freely and spontaneously the way I used to take for granted. It felt as if I was losing my sanity. I used to have a scripted conversation to say because I was completely cut off from that part of me that was able to interact with people freely.

I prayed and prayed and prayed for wisdom and insight on how to overcome these blocks but nothing. I tried reading all these books for some type of insight into my dilemma, but they didn’t help at all. The years rolled by and I still remained stuck in the same problem, getting my arse handed to me.

As the years went by, 2009 came around and I still hadn’t found a solution and began to seek spiritual answers to my issue, but I hit a brick wall with that as well. After going to one guy who I was very hopeful would be able to help me out, I wound up being disappointed once more. Sick and tired of being sick and tired, I sunk into a deep depression, and thought about simply ending my life. There was no way I could live my life like this anymore when I knew there was a better way to live but I can’t even access it because I couldn’t overcome what was blocking me.

In the depths of despair and my depression, a touch of light reached my soul and I decided that I was not going to let this thing beat me, and I was going to muster the strength to continue on. I decided to see myself as a soldier and I adopted a morning routine of prayer and meditation to keep my spirit strong along with a mindset of victory.

Through this experience, I was able to tap into a defiance and a resolution to overcome my circumstances and break the chains that bound me that I hitherto had know was there but for some reason couldn’t connect to.

I was also able to tap into a boldness that I was previously afraid to tap into that made me stop living in fear.

About a month and a half to two months later, I finally got what I had praying for for years and went through a cleansing that took the chains off my mind and spirit. After that, I felt a freedom I hadn’t felt in YEARS.

You see, God allows us to go through situation that continuously kick our backsides while seemingly staying silent because He’s trying to get us to hit rock bottom and to be broken, so we can discover the strength he put within us. He wants us to see what we’ve been unable or unwilling to see within ourselves because we were in our own way.

That point where we hit rock bottom, where we’re completely broken, we have two choices, lie there and give up, or say, “Enough is enough, I’m not going to let this thing beat me and do WHATEVER it takes to win.” If we choose he latter, something shift within us, and the resulting resolution and determination we mustered enables us to tap into a deeper well of strengths and gifts that we can use to finally succeed.

God has very interesting ways of getting our attention in order that we may be able to see the amazing beings He created us as. Sometimes the only way He can get our attention is allowing us to hit rock bottom.

Since God can only use what we give him, at this point we can surrender and let go and let God so now we’re in partnership with Him to overcome our vexing obstacles and go to the next level.

So, if you’re struggling with some issue that continues to kick your butt, know that God is silent because He’s waiting for you to find the strength that He put within you that you either don’t know exists or have been afraid to acknowledge so that you can grow, learn more about who you are, and learn more about who He is.

Hang in there!

This is The Viable Alternative.

Hope this helps,

Ike Love

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