About the Author

Ike Love

My name is Ike Love, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.  I welcome you to my blog, The Viable Alternative.

I tried to put something like this together for a number of years, but frankly, I really wasn’t ready to.  As the stars started aligning, and indicators were pointing that I HAD to put something like this together, I began to hesitate.


Well frankly, I still haven’t figured it all out yet, I definitely still don’t have it all together, and I definitely don’t pretend to have all the answers. I try to be positive, but many times I fail miserably at it.  I try to be compassionate to my fellow man, yet sometimes I could be judgmental, rude and inconsiderate.  I tend to be a little too hard on myself for my own sake, beating myself up when I don’t make any progress, and equally beating myself up when I do make progress for it not being “good enough.”  I also have tended to have to learn things the hard way, with life having had to beat its lessons into me, because I was too hardheaded to learn otherwise.

I have a gift to inspire people, but sometimes my personality can be very “offensive” to those who don’t know me very well.  I’m a very honest person but I still have a lot of work to do on my tact, not to mention that I still have some ways to go in developing a sense of how to be “myself” without stepping on the toes of others……oh well.

And patience you ask?  All I have to say about that is may God help me.

Basically, I’m a work in progress.   Either you’ll love me or you’ll hate me.  I try to be my best but at the end of the day I’m only human.  I’m not a guru nor do I want you to consider me as such.  The world at large loves to build people up only to tear them down, so let me save you the trouble by telling you not to put me on a pedestal because I will NEVER be able to live up to your standards, nor do I want to.  I do have to admit however, that I have an ego that may try and convince me otherwise, but to that I say, the hell with my ego, I know better than that…..or at least I hope I do.

Simply put, I am a guy who has been a seeker of the “truth” for most of his adult life.  I seek to find and LIVE the truth of who I am and the truth of life so I can create a life that I am passionate about.  As you can very well imagine, I have a story to tell.

Despite my reservations, I decided to go ahead and put this blog together because I figured out that the “secret” to attaining fulfillment in life is to provide value to others.  Some people provide value through the medical professions, others do it through the arts, others do it through science, etc.  Whatever the channel, it is through sharing with others that one is able to attain abundance on all levels.

What is fulfilling to me is sharing with others the wisdom and lessons that were given to (and oftentimes beaten into) me along my journey of self improvement and self discovery.

I am generally an idealist almost to a fault.  I’d rather die than settle for a sub par life and it PAINS me to see others who choose to do such.  I believe EVERYONE on this planet should be actively seeking to create a life that is expressed from the core of their being.

So, warts and all, I share with you this blog I created, along with the concept, The Viable Alternative, as my own small attempt to make that possible in one way or another in the grand scheme of things.  It would give me no greater joy to know that I died having made some type of difference on this planet.