Confidence vs. Self-Esteem – Is There a Difference?

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I believe that many people confuse having confidence and having self-esteem as one in the same thing. I used to be one of those people. You can have confidence without having any self esteem and you can have self-esteem without having any confidence in a particular area. Obviously though, it’s good to have BOTH. Read more…


Face It, Try as You May, YOU May Just Be One of Those People That Life Won’t Let Settle for Mediocrity

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It’s that time of the week where I write about something else I’ve noticed over the years that utterly fascinates me.

Everybody walking this planet has some unique gift or talent that if they harnessed fully can change the person’s immediate surrounding, or his family, community or the world at large, not to mention his (or her) very own life. Read more…


Do You Feel HELD BACK Because Nobody around You Has ANY Ambition Whatsoever?

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A friend of mine called me the other day from the JFK airport while waiting to board a plane to Europe that was delayed indefinitely due to mechanical issues. The trip he was making was a gift to himself for his 40th birthday. Since he had ample time to spare we had plenty of time to catch up.

During the conversation, one of the subjects we discussed was the fact that he was traveling to Europe totally alone, without the company of family, friends, co-workers or a significant other. Read more…


TRANSFORMATION – How Debbie Rosado Went from a Homeless High School Dropout to an Educator, Entrepreneur and Therapist

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Christiana Care promotes breast health to Latinas through promotoras

NOTE: The story below is a TRUE story but at the request of the main character of the story, the names have been changed. Also, the person in the picture above is not the person in the story.


I was the product of a union between a Jewish mother brought up in the Pelham Park section of the Bronx and a Puerto Rican father who was from what was then the predominantly Puerto Rican Co-op City section of the Bronx.

It was a whirlwind romance. My mother, 19 at the time, young, inexperienced and naive, fell head over heels over my father who was eight years older, and within three months of their relationship, she was already pregnant with me. Read more…