About this site

This is a site that was created to inspire you through an inspirational concept that was revealed to me when I was barely out of my teens called The Viable Alternative.  Everything on this site, from the explanation of this concept, to the blog entries, to the resources listed are all explained through the eyes of The Viable Alternative.  Through insights I provide from my own personal trials and tribulations, my desire is that you gain insight to overcome whatever stubborn issue(s) that you’re dealing with, so that you can express your own unique greatness, give that gift to humanity at large, and live The Viable Alternative.

In addition to inspiring you, the goal of this site is to help you reach your goals in various areas of your life (i.e. health, wealth, spirituality, lifestyle, etc.) through guest writers and interviews with people who  have achieved success in these areas by uncovering the commonly believed lies of The Illusion and getting to the core truth of these different areas which is: The Viable Alternative.  These people will show you ways and methods through which they achieved success in these areas that most people have never heard of because they’re living in The Illusion where they’re taught methods that never have or never will work.

Site Disclaimer

I don’t purport to be any type of professional therapist, psychiatrist, psychologist, doctor or counselor.  Although the words of this site may be “healing”, it is in NO way meant to replace any medical or professional advice that you may be receiving or have been advised to receive.  Likewise, if you’re on medication, this site is not meant to replace any type of medication that you may be taking.  Furthermore, this site is not meant to diagnose, cure or treat any type of mental disorder.  Such cases are beyond the scope of this site and require the expertise of a certified professional.  This site is STRICTLY for inspirational, enlightenment and personal empowerment purposes only.