The Principles

1.  Your mind is a tool of your spirit, NOT the other way around.

2.  Appoint yourself the RIGHT to be successful and have whatever you desire in life (as long as it doesn’t go against the Creator’s laws or violate the rights of your fellow man), rather than waiting for others to give you the permission to be successful.

3.  NEVER, EVER base your value as a human being on the amount of money you have, the amount of possessions you own, your looks, popularity, accomplishments, talents, intelligence, or ANY external thing, but rather on the fact that you are a UNIQUE expression of the Creator with a unique purpose in life.

4.  It is wise to build your own, rather than rent someone else’s “space.”

5.  Be touched, move and inspired by yourself and your possibilities BEFORE expecting these things from other people.

6.  Find your own UNIQUE purpose and path in life, and then build your ENTIRE life around it.

7.  Focus on your UNIQUE purpose and NOT on how popular you are with people.

8.  NO ONE is better than you, and you are better than no one.

9.  NEVER, EVER be envious, jealous or resentful of someone else’s success, but rather, let their success inspire you about the fact that you can have success in your own unique way.

10. Rather than feel inferior to someone who appears successful and “larger than life,” instead, see yourself as equally worth your space on this earth and be inspired by how your own resources and treasures can make you successful and larger than life.

11. NEVER, EVER SETTLE for ANYTHING in life.  See yourself as the best that deserves the best.

12. FULLY realize that no matter what happened to you in the past, the ONLY person responsible for your present and future is YOU.

13. FULLY realize that no matter what took place in the past, you are in the FULL control of the future you can create for your life.

14. Be a victor of your circumstances and not a victim.

15. Base your wealth and prosperity not on what you have in your hand, but rather, what you have in your head and in your heart, so that no matter what happens externally, you will ALWAYS be connected to the SOURCE of your wealth.