Follow Your Crazy Ideas!!

August 31st, 2017 No comments


I was talking with a friend today who is a licensed therapist and is also working on a theater piece. He recently was awarded the sum of $20,000 as a result of him getting hit by a car last year. In our conversation, he told me he had a “crazy” idea about taking six months away from NY, traveling around Europe and performing his theater piece. Read more…


Your Peace of Mind and Inner Connection Is PRICELESS

August 30th, 2017 No comments

Inner Peace

As of recent, for the most part on quite a consistent basis, I feel a very strong sense of a connection to my real self. With that has come a sense of peace and knowing that I’m being taken care of and that everything in my life is going according to Plan. This has been all the result of so far, three years of therapy. Read more…


Your Struggle is within Your Purpose

August 29th, 2017 No comments


Many people in this world have had perpetual obstacles that they had to struggle for years to overcome. For some people it was a learning disability, for some it was a physical disability or limitation, for some it was drug abuse or alcoholism due to a trauma they suffered as a child, for some it was poverty or financial lack, etc, etc. Read more…


To Attract Better, You Have to BE Better

August 28th, 2017 No comments

romantic moments in Jimbaran beach, Bali

I’m smiling because within the past week, I’ve had the pleasure of two separate one-on-one conversations with two female friends (who coincidentally have the same name), who, after repeatedly getting in unhealthy romantic relationships for most of their adult lives, were each able to get into the most whole, healthy relationships of their entire lives. In fact, one of them invited me to her wedding. The other told me that it was like she met her soul mate. Read more…