Your Struggle is within Your Purpose


Many people in this world have had perpetual obstacles that they had to struggle for years to overcome. For some people it was a learning disability, for some it was a physical disability or limitation, for some it was drug abuse or alcoholism due to a trauma they suffered as a child, for some it was poverty or financial lack, etc, etc.

In my own specific case, I was literally in a mental hell for nine years, from 2000-2009 where it felt as if some entity took over my mind and I didn’t or couldn’t have full use of it. I talk more about this in a current book I’m writing about self esteem, but in any case, it was a true struggle and journey that took years to overcome.

In reflecting about this, what I’m learning about in a world where many people are trying to find their life purpose is that it is within our long, perpetual struggles that our purpose lies. Through these struggles, we learn how to get back up after repeatedly being knocked down, we learn what doesn’t work, we learn lessons from our failures, we learn how to press on when things seem hopeless, and at the end, if we don’t give up, we acquire the wisdom of how to overcome these obstacles, even if it is by learning how to live with them in a way that they don’t get in our way.

This mishmash of lessons we gained from our journey is often the gift we’re able to provide to the world in terms of teaching and inspiring others with similar struggles or obstacles how to overcome them. In my own life, I write this blog and do YouTube videos to teach others the wisdom and insights gained from my journey of becoming a better, stronger, version of myself. There is no way I could be able to share these insights if I didn’t have struggles to overcome.

Many of us, including this weirdo right here writing this blog, have often felt ashamed of what we’ve been through, but in actuality, what we’ve been through can become our biggest gift to the world if we let it.

This is The Viable Alternative.

Hope this helps,

Ike Love

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