The Viable Alternative is in NO way an attempt to proselytize or preach on any one PARTICULAR religious or spiritual practice, faith or doctrine. Rather, The Viable Alternative is meant for ANYONE who believes in some form of Higher Power or Supreme Being, whether it be God, Allah, Jesus Christ, Mohammad, Buddha, Krishna, The Universe, The Flow, Energy, Spirit, Quantum Physics, etc. No matter your spiritual walk, you can simply take what you need for your own personal path, and discard that which you don’t feel fits into your walk.

The Viable Alternative does take into account the existence of a Higher Power, so if you identify yourself as agnostic or atheistic, unless you choose have an open mind, you’ll be at conflict with a lot of what comes forth from its principles, and so, I’ll tell you up front that you may want to save your time and not even bother reading more about it. That being said, any references made to God, or the Creator is meant in as broad a sense as possible to incorporate how you personally relate to God. In the same vein, any reference taken from a particular “religion” or religious text is for the purpose of explaining a particular point, insight or principle, and should not be taken as an attempt as a conversion to that particular faith. Bearing in mind the broad range of beliefs about God and spirituality that exist out there, you are fully encouraged to take the references that are made in these areas and apply them to your own belief system.