Building Your Ideal Lifestyle -It’s Not What You May Think

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I’m sure in each of our lives, we’ve seen or heard of someone who’s living what we’d view as an incredible lifestyle. The person is in great shape and is very healthy, he or she earns a lot of money, is in a fulfilling, loving romantic long term relationship or has an active, fun dating life, has great friends, has a career or a business that is very fulfilling, regularly engages in activities that he or she enjoys, overall has a great attitude, and most importantly, the person is HAPPY. Read more…


Are You Living a Fake A$$ Life?

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1:6 scale Fashion Royalty Doll house Diorama:  Decorating for Autumn with Eden & Francisco

I mentioned in my blog STOP Trying to Make Sense of the Change, Transformation or Shift You’re Experiencing how I’ve started to really dislike going to the gym beyond the normal lack of motivation. It’s like the same zest and fire that kept me working out consistently for the past fifteen years is gone and because I feel like I’m just going through the motions, it’s been a lot easier for me to just opt out of going at all. Read more…


One Year of Therapy – My Journey of Healing, Growth and Transformation

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Ike Love

I’ve always been fascinated by stories of people transforming their lives in various areas, but in the midst of my fascination, it wasn’t until recently that I realized that I’m going through one of my own.

Last week, last Wednesday to be exact, has marked one year since I started therapy, body oriented therapy that is, and hitting this milestone of completing my “Freshman year” of therapy has compelled my to sit back and reflect how I’ve changed. Read more…


Are You Disconnected from Your Emotions? Why That IS Hurting You…

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ODC-Starts With U-Unplugged

I’m still digging as to why I’ve struggled and “just get by” financially for most of my adult life, and why, oh why, when success is just about to pop off in my life, something happens to sabotage it.

In the past two weeks I’ve come to a couple of realizations that have shed light on this matter both of which tie into me being disconnected from my emotions. Read more…


STOP Trying to Make Sense of the Change, Transformation or Shift You’re Experiencing!

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Clay In the Potter’s Hands!!!

It’s been a wonderfully strange and a strangely wonderful year.

After years, I was finally able to make a big change in my eating habits by going Paleo and overcome my sugar addiction. Read more…