Follow Your Crazy Ideas!!


I was talking with a friend today who is a licensed therapist and is also working on a theater piece. He recently was awarded the sum of $20,000 as a result of him getting hit by a car last year. In our conversation, he told me he had a “crazy” idea about taking six months away from NY, traveling around Europe and performing his theater piece.

It was a seemingly crazy idea, but I realize that that’s how amazing things get accomplished. A person gets an outlandish idea that’s seemingly impossible, and instead of focusing on the “How” they just focus on the “What” and move forward, letting the “How” gradually reveal itself.

Late last year, I had this “crazy” idea to go to Europe. I decided by hook or by crook that I was going to go, even though I didn’t have the money and no apparent indication of how I was going to acquire it. As I moved forward, the ways and means for me to get the money to make the trip became available, and I achieved my goal in June. Now my crazy idea is to create my own men’s underwear line with me as the ad campaign model and get myself on a billboard.

All of us have had crazy ideas that if acted upon, would transform us, the lives we live, our immediate environment, our communities, and the world at large. We ignore these ideas because we allow our rational minds and the people around us to discourage us from acting on them. However, if we followed our hearts, these ideas can fuel us with a passion that would project us forward and bring these ideas into fruition.

It may not be easy, but it’s that “simple.”

I’ve learned from my experience that the key to achieving greatness is hitching a ride to one of these crazy ideas and letting them carry you to their conclusion. It opens you up to experiencing all the “luck,” coincidences and serendipities that people talk about that will aid you in bringing your dream into fruition.

Don’t be afraid to follow one of your crazy ideas, it may change your life!

This is The Viable Alternative.

Hope this helps,

Ike Love

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