CONFESSION: I Have Spiritual Gifts and Abilities!!

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For a number of years, I’ve met quite a few people with some “extraordinary” spiritual abilities.

Some of them could meet someone, and without ever having known them before, would be able to tell them things about themselves, their lives, and the people in them that otherwise “shouldn’t have known.”

Some of them were able to know things about me or that happened to me that they otherwise shouldn’t have known.

Some would have “prophetic” dreams that would inform them accurately about something that was going to happen or had happened that they otherwise wouldn’t have known.

Some were able to literally “see” things that were about to happen, happening right now, or had happened that they otherwise shouldn’t have known.

Different spiritual walks have names for this. Christianity would call it the gift of prophecy or spiritual discernment. Other broader spiritual genres would call it ESP (extrasensory perception), a sixth sense, being psychic, intuition, etc.

Well, I have a confession to make.

As a first step out of the closet of “normal” people, I have to say that though I’ve never seen anything per se, I have a lot of these abilities I described above.

To keep my “sanity,” I either downplayed, denied or over rationalized these gifts and the accompanying experiences I had for years, but ironically, now I realize that if I truly am interested in keeping my sanity, I have to fully embrace and accept them as a normal part of me and my life and stop running from them.

Part of me not fully accepting them was me not wanting to take responsibility for this oddity about myself. By downplaying them, I don’t have to face the task of integrating these gifts into the concept of who I am.

So yes, over the years, I’ve had dreams about loved ones and women I’ve been romantically involved with in the past about what they were going through that I otherwise wouldn’t have known that turned out to be shockingly accurate.

I can sense a person thinking about me.

If I am involved with a woman with the same “awareness,” I can literally communicate telepathically with her. I can hear the thoughts she’s thinking about me (and vice versa) and send thoughts back to her that she would receive. We have similar dreams that are parts of a whole story. We can feel each other’s presence even though we’re hundreds of miles away.

As a matter of fact, with some people, I can feel their presence so strong down to their unique energy signature and even sometimes their unique smell. What’s more, when this happens, I usually wind up hearing from them anywhere from a few minutes later to later on that day, or if I were to hear from them several weeks later, they would tell me that they were thinking about me or feeling my presence around the same time I was feeling theirs.

I sense things about situations going on around me that I otherwise shouldn’t know and get “messages” about them.

I sense things going on with friends and family that I otherwise shouldn’t know.

I get premonitions.

One of the only gifts I have openly acknowledged is an ability to know whether relationships friends of mine (male or female) got into were going to last or not, even if I hadn’t met the other person. I wasn’t perfect, but I had a high accuracy. As a matter of fact, I could sense when it was falling apart without having even talked to them about it.

Many of these friends would come to me later after the relationship fell apart would come back to tell me I was right about everything I said (either that or I would unashamedly say, “I told you so.” :-) )

While these “odd” experiences are scattered throughout my life, they started ramping up last year, 2015, but as of the last few weeks, my intuition/discernment has been off the charts. They’ve been happening at such a high frequency that I can no longer deny them if I want to keep my sanity. When I’m going through one of my intuitive experiences where I’m getting a “download” from God, I can describe them as something outside my five senses, i.e. the sixth sense or ESP.

So, starting from this point, I accept my spiritual gifts as a part of who I am, and I also embrace the growth it’s going to bring, because I know that every next level of my life will demand a different, greater version of me.

This is The Viable Alternative.

Hope this helps,

Ike Love

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