Forget about Having Faith, Let FAITH HAVE YOU!


So far this year, I have gotten involved in some personal “projects” that have financial deadlines that need to be met in order for me to execute the project successfully. I have been doing my part in order that these deadlines get met by engaging in certain “side hustles” (all legal thank you very much), but if you know life, these things have their ups and downs. Some days, things work out in such a way that bring me closer to my goal, and other days, nothing seems to work out and I start to worry about hitting my goal.

When I started to stress out about these things, I reminded myself why this year has been so amazing so far. What has made this year so amazing and magical is the fact that in the very beginning, I chose to step out on Faith towards my goals despite how my circumstances looked. I decided that I was going to step out on nothing to create something. I decided that the vision within me was going to be bigger than what the world showed me. I also decided the vision within me was going to dictate the way I behaved and I spoke over my external circumstances to match my vision.

My Faith has caused things to come into fruition in my life in such a way that I wouldn’t have been able to imagine before I decided to step out on Faith.

So, as I was stressing, it dawned on me that if I wanted everything to work out for me, I had to get out of my own way and totally surrender to the process of having Faith. I had to do it in such a way that I didn’t merely just have Faith, but FAITH HAD ME.

I realize now that there is a difference between having Faith and Faith having you. When Faith has you, you’ve allowed yourself to be totally immersed in a process that would inevitably lead to the materialization of your goal or desire. It goes beyond merely taking action to get what you desire to getting out of your own way and allowing your actions to be guided by Faith. In essence, it’s letting go and letting God.

When I came to this realization and applied it to my life, more things came into my life this week that brought me even closer to my “financial deadline.”

If you want to bring the desires in fruition in your life, go beyond just having Faith, and take things to the next level by letting Faith have you.

This is The Viable Alternative.

Hope this helps,

Ike Love

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