I Get It – Focus on Giving Value Not on Getting Money

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Business Meeting

As I continue to heal in the area of my finances, I’m having more revelations about money and success.

Seeing and experiencing myself differently has allowed me to resonate with the success principles I’ve been hearing for years.

I work on full commission as a licensed real estate agent salesperson. This means I make my money by my ability to sell. Well, it has finally sunk in that good salesperson doesn’t try to sell the product directly, he instead sells himself by giving value. He gives value by being knowledgeable about the product and the market, and also by giving the best aspects of his personality while interacting with the client. This can include, charm, warmth, humour, or whatever gifts he has.

What really hit me like a ton of bricks is that when interacting with a client, your focus should not be on doing the deal and the money you’re going to get from it, instead it should be on giving value. In fact, to get a little esoteric, your focus is to let go of the outcome and let God use you as a conduit for the client getting his or her needs met.

This may or may not result in a deal with the specific client you’re working with, BUT it’ll result on you being able to attract more deals.

This revelation has made me see that success is indeed a particular mindset.

This is the Viable Alternative.

Hope this helps,

Ike Love

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