Overcome Stubborn Obstacles by Transferring Your Momentum!

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Many times in my life, there’d be a certain goal or endeavour with which either I couldn’t muster the motivation to accomplish or I’d run into a brick wall or setback over and over again, leading me to put it aside for another time. Read more…


YES…You ARE Who You Associate With

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You know, I’ve always somewhat had an understanding of the principle that if you hang out with people who are either more successful than you or who are actively pursuing their dreams, it’ll increase your likelihood of becoming successful. Read more…


I Get It – Focus on Giving Value Not on Getting Money

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Business Meeting

As I continue to heal in the area of my finances, I’m having more revelations about money and success. Read more…


Stop Looking for Others to Give You a Platform and Build One for Yourself!

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So last two weeks ago, I was at the funeral of a very talented and prolific African American fashion designer, Mr. Bill Witherspoon (pictured in the center, who was very well known in the NY Black Fashion circles. Read more…


It’s about the Passion, Not the Fame and Fortune

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I’ve been interested in the story of how Tucker Max became successful for a number of years.

Tucker Max is an author who wrote four New York Times Bestsellers, “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell,” “A**holes Finish First,” “Sloppy Seconds,” and finally “Hilarity Ensues.” Read more…


Is Black Economic Empowerment Racist?

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Oprah Winfrey Height, Weight, Age, Bio, Measurements, Net Worth & Wiki

First off, before I even begin to get on my soapbox, since I know people today love to look for ANY reason to get offended, and also people LOVE to jump to conclusions, let me explain myself. Read more…


I Can Become a Millionaire!!!!

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One million dollars

You know what, I’ve finally come to believe that I can become a millionaire. Read more…


The Viable Alternative Part 2 – My Personal Story

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I Don’t Deserve To Be Successful

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Simple Frustration - by Al Davis

Simple Frustration – by Al Davis

As I child growing up, in our house it was hammered into the heads of me and my siblings by our father that we had to “work our ass off” in school and get good grades due to the fact that he was paying “thousands and thousands of dollars in school fees” for us and wasn’t going to be wasting his money on “useless kids.” lol Read more…


Wake Up and Smell the LIE of “Success” THEY Feed You

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Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

As of recent I’ve been thinking a lot about how fame and success, its allure, and how it’s portrayed in the mass media, especially when it comes to “Hollywood success.”

Unless we hear news of a celebrity going into rehab or getting into trouble, most of the time when we hear of celebrities, we see images or footage of them on the red carpet for some movie premier or awards show, or on some ad in a magazine, newspaper or billboard, or in a movie, or in pictures at some high end, VIP celebrity party. Or, we see pictures of them dating some other celebrity, or getting in or out of their luxury sports car or in their multi million dollar mansion. Read more…