Overcome Stubborn Obstacles by Transferring Your Momentum!


Many times in my life, there’d be a certain goal or endeavour with which either I couldn’t muster the motivation to accomplish or I’d run into a brick wall or setback over and over again, leading me to put it aside for another time.

Interestingly, what would happen is that there would be another area of my life that I’d be INSANELY passionate about achieving whatever goal I set in it to such an extent that I REFUSED to be denied. Because of the level of passion and determination I had in that specific area, as I took action, I’d start seeing results, breakthroughs and successes happen in this area and as a result, momentum would start to build.

As I built the momentum, an increased sense of boldness would take root within me, which caused me to take another look at my past endeavours that I had failed to complete with a new perspective and a strong belief that I can actually accomplish them.

Because of this, I would inevitably succeed at these other goals that I previously was unable to accomplish.

I call this “phenomenon” of taking the momentum from the success of one area in your life and applying it to other areas in your life where you previously failed to achieve the results you wanted the “Law of Transferred Momentum>”

There are two examples that I can think of offhand where this worked.

The first example was my journey in getting a logo designed for The Viable Alternative.

Last year, 2016, I made up my mind that it was time to get a logo for The Viable Alternative. I first went on Fiverr and found someone, but after going back and forth with the designer, I came up unsatisfied and empty-handed, as I didn’t like the final result and it occurred to me that she didn’t have the creativity to give me what I needed.

Added to this was also me not being really sure of what I wanted.

I reached out to another designer that was referred to me by someone who had vouched highly for her reliability, professionalism and ability, however after having long periods of unanswered emails from her, she finally informed me that she couldn’t take on my project because she was swamped with work. She recommended someone else but that turned out to be a debacle.

I tried to reach out to other people here and there over the next few months, and either their price was too high, or they weren’t offering too many revisions, or I simply didn’t like their work.

UGH! Where was I going to get a good, capable, affordable and reliable designer to do my logo?

Finally I just dropped it.

A few months later, when someone on Facebook created a post soliciting a graphic designer, I responded to the post saying I was looking for one too, and a friend from high school inboxed me with the name of someone that he recommended highly.

I still wasn’t ready yet so I didn’t follow up.

In the meantime, I decided by hook or by crook I was going to go to Europe even though at the time I had no money. Lo and behold, as I made moves with Faith, the possibilities of my trip began to materialize.

With things coming together, momentum started to build, and I started to get ideas that I initially didn’t have about what I wanted my logo to look like. With this inspiration, I reached out to the graphic designer that was referred to me, explaining to him what I wanted, and slowly but surely, after a few bumps on the road, the man started to see my vision, and now, months later, my logo is well on its way to be completed.

This is also where my second example comes in.

I had never gotten the results I wanted as a real estate agent and struggled with mustering the self belief required to improve in this area. However, with the success I had with bringing my trip to Europe into fruition, I started to believe that I can improve in this area as well.

I wound up putting out to the universe the intention for a contact in the business who’d funnel me rental exclusives so I didn’t have to chase around clients anymore. I wrote it, I spoke it and I visualized it.

Lo and behold, this came to pass too.

I credit this all with transferred or “stolen” momentum, where I took from one area in my life and applied it to another.

If there is a specific area in your life where you can’t seem to get over the obstacles or you can’t seem to muster the inspiration or motivation need to make improvements in that area even though you feel you should, I say find an area in your life that you’re REALLY passionate in, focus on taking action in that area, and as you see results, take the momentum you have in this area and bring it back to those other areas.

Just try it, you may be pleasantly surprised with the results.

This is The Viable Alternative.

Hope this helps,

Ike Love

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