Just Take a Step!!

Footsteps on the beach

I’ll keep this one short and simple.

There are many amazing things on our heart that are nagging at us to pay attention to them so that we go and bring them into fruition.

Such things, if we listened to them, would solve the problem of unhappiness and unfulfillment that exist in many of our lives, and also work to transform our lives in ways we can’t imagine as well as the lives of others.

The problem is, as I have personally witnessed in my own life, we have all these questions and concerns that get in our way:
– How am I going to do it?
– Where am I going to get the money?
– Where do I even begin?
– What if I fail?
– What if I get rejected?

To all this I say, forget the questions that your intellect throws at you to keep you stuck, listen to your heart and just take a step in the direction where you feel led to go.

START with just one step, and then another, and another….you’ll be surprised where this leads you and what starts to take shape.

If this can work for me, then it can definitely work for you.

This is The Viable Alternative.

Hope this helps,

Ike Love

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