YES…You ARE Who You Associate With

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You know, I’ve always somewhat had an understanding of the principle that if you hang out with people who are either more successful than you or who are actively pursuing their dreams, it’ll increase your likelihood of becoming successful. However, because the last time I witnessed this principle in action was in my late teens/early 20s, what seems like a lifetime ago, when hanging with friends of mine who were very successful with women helped me to become more successful, the principle didn’t really carry much weight to me.

To me, it was a nice, intellectual concept that made a lot of sense, and was great thing to say if you wanted to uplift a crowd, but I couldn’t get behind it because I didn’t have too much firsthand knowledge of it.

This was until recently.

Due to all the emotional healing I’ve been experiencing, I’ve connected more to my heart. Connecting to my heart got me more connected to my desires, and connecting to my desires has gotten me to demand more from life and step out of my comfort zone more.

This has gotten me to watch more YouTube videos and listen to podcasts of people who are doing the damn thing not just for the sake of listening like I would do in the past, but for the sake of giving me insight and clarity as I take action.

Hearing these people repeatedly day in and day out for over a year now talk about their journey to become successful, the principles they live by to be and stay successful, and the habits they adopted to get to where they are have all worked to shift something within me. I’ve started to see the world differently and expect more for myself. I even now see it as “normal” to think big and to swing for the fences when going after a goal because it’s normal to these people.

From listening to these people regularly, I feel like I built my own tribe of successful people who help me grow and evolve.

On top of that, I’ve been talking and associating more with those of my friends who are actively pursuing and going after their goals. I even put together a mastermind group to get some of together, so I can learn from them.

Hearing them in their own personal endeavours stepping out of their comfort zones, making things happen in their own lives, and also strive in areas that are still underdeveloped in my life has also helped spur me along and show me what’s possible for me in my own life.

I’m telling you folks, who you associate with plays a big factor with you becoming successful, I now see it. If you don’t know of anyone who’s successful, I suggest you read the books, watch YouTube videos and listen to podcasts of people who you admire and resonate with you. You can find many people with their own podcast or channel on YouTube who have created a great life for themselves that are similar to what you may want to create for your own self.

When you listen to them regularly, you’ll start to see their “humanness” under their success that will make you see that these people are normal people just like you and as such, make you see that you can become successful just like them.

Also, get around people who are about doing something with their lives and minimize your contact with those who aren’t doing much with their lives accept complain and act like victims. This can involve reaching out to those “weird” friends don’t follow the crowd and decreasing your contact with those friends who want to hang out at the bar or club every night, chasing girls or guys and getting drunk.

Trust me, you do this enough WHILE taking action in your own life, you’ll see you, and your life gradually start to change. I always say, if it works for me, it can work for ANYONE. :-)

This is The Viable Alternative.

Hope this helps,

Ike Love

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