The Problem of Connecting to Others without Losing Ourselves

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I’m pleased to announce that I reached a new level in my therapy. This level definitely wasn’t possible for me last year because I hadn’t undergone the healing I needed to undergo in order for me to get to this place. What I also find interesting was that I had been recently contemplating stopping the therapy altogether, because I had felt that my therapy had stagnated, which made me think that I had gotten what I needed.

Welp, last week, as I was thinking about moving on, God showed me what I needed to work on next in therapy. To give you some background before I share with you what it is: I’ve always tended to lose myself in interactions with certain types of people – either people with strong personalities that reminded me of my father, or people who for some reason or another triggered the approval seeking mechanism within me. In such interactions, I’d get sucked into the person’s reality and try to cater to in one way or another what I felt the person’s needs were.

The only way I was able to “defend” against that was to go into myself and not be present in the conversation. However, that’s not really a proper defense. It’s more of a reaction.

However, within the past three years of therapy, especially within the last year of all the intense emotional healing I’ve undergone, I’ve been able to develop a solid foundation of inner connectedness with my core being. This has served to give me a stronger sense of grounding and centeredness. As such, I’m now able to walk around with the strongest sense of self that I’ve ever had in my life.

The problem is, when I interact with certain types of people, I still tend to lose touch with all that.

Well, God showed me that this was the next step of my journey, learning to stay connected with myself while being able to be present with others. It’s a very subtle act of being able to viscerally connect with myself while at the same time reaching out and sharing of myself with the person or people I’m interacting with. This is something that the unique for of therapy I receive, body oriented therapy, is well equipped to teach me.

There’s no way I could’ve been able to reach this point in my journey had I not first learned how to connect with myself within. I thank healing and proper meditation for that.

I see a wide range of positive ramifications for being able to master this beyond just being able to stay present and give of my authentic self when interacting with people. I see it helping me thrive in the world at large, where I can stay steadfast to the things that God put on my heart while life throws all sorts of things at me. This will no doubt help me attract more blessings in my life.

So, I’m excited, I have something new to work on. In fact, I’m obsessed, because I see a clear road where this will lead me.

For all my readers, I encourage you, get into some type of therapy, preferably of the type that treats the body and mind as one, and stay consistent with it. I promise you it’ll change your life.

This is The Viable Alternative.

Hope this helps,

Ike Love

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